EBTA Architects is a full-service architectural firm specializing in high-end custom residential and commercial design. Led by principals Carlos Elenes, John Ilkcagla and Amat Tajudin, we have over 25 years of experience transforming dreams into built reality. Each project benefits from the collective expertise and perspective of three partners, while receiving the highest level of service and attention. Our dedication to quality is supported by a studio environment which encourages our talented team to share ideas. These in-house design sessions often inspire new solutions, ensuring our best and most refined work is presented. This collaborative approach also applies to our clients, as we value their input and involvement throughout the design process. Listening to our clients and building strong relationships are key for a successful project.

We believe a harmonious balance of aesthetics, creativity, and functionality is essential to good design. Our passion is driven by the challenge of finding unique and elegant design solutions for each project and client. Instead of specializing in one particular style for a signature look, we take pride in our capability to create contextually appropriate architecture in any style. The work in our diverse portfolio speaks to a focus on quality and attention to detail. We are committed to a ‘wholistic’ approach, where every element is equally important. Plans are thoughtful and resolved, spatial relationships are well-proportioned and balanced. Projects inspired by historical precedents have authentic details that reflect years of research and a thorough understanding of classic styles. Each aspect is carefully developed, studied, and refined. The overall sense of cohesion and harmony results in architecture that is timeless and enduring.

People have stated as they walk through one of our houses that it "just feels right".




Carlos is a registered architect with a degree from California Polytechnic University in Pomona.
He grew up in Los Angeles, and as a young man he would ride his bike to nearby Pasadena. He was fascinated with the buildings and homes in the area, which began his interest in architecture.

Although trained in modern architecture, he never lost his appreciation for the classical style, the style that drew him to the profession. His deep rooted appreciation allowed him to embrace all styles, which is indicative of the work at EBTA Architects.

The satisfaction of a client’s vision fulfilled is the goal of every project, and is what makes architecture a highly rewarding profession. Listening and collaborating is what makes this possible.
Carlos has designed numerous projects, from neighborhoods to individual homes, all of which reflect the care and attention to detail that has been the trademark of all his work at EBTA Architects.

A founding partner of EBTA, Amat received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from California Polytechnic University in Pomona. With experience in retail, recreation, and automotive, he is a contributing principal of the commercial division at EBTA, while still being involved in select residential projects.

Amat developed an interest in architecture during his childhood, which was spent in different locations due to his father’s military background. From shrines in Japan to fortresses in Germany, the exposure to various cultures and buildings left a lasting impression and influenced his life. Displaying both an analytic mind and artistic skill (which he attributes to his mother), Amat drew plans of each place they lived, which would total ten homes in five countries by the end of high school. 

Early in his career, Amat worked with a very talented architect, Ade Collie, who believed “architecture is an old profession that cannot just be learned, but is best when passed on from generation to generation.” Influenced by Ade’s philosophy and his own desire to impact others in a meaningful way, Amat has become a mentor to many of those at EBTA, with a genuine concern for their professional growth and development. In what might be the best compliment, his son, Michael, decided to follow in his footsteps and pursue a career in architecture as well.

Outside of architecture, Amat’s interests include travel, photography, and especially travel photography. He has also rediscovered his passion for yet another creative outlet – cooking. Amat enjoys spending time with his family and Border Terrier, Sammy.